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Soil Health
Water and Weather
Water and Weather

Free Irrigation Assessment! How Efficient Are Your Irrigation Practices? Find Out With Waterbit's Free Irrigation Assessment Waterbit has developed an Irrigation Assessment that takes into consideration the crops you grow, your farm’s terrain and soil types, your current water and energy usage, and your growing practices to develop a detailed Irrigation Assessment report. You’ll learn: How much time irrigation activities like turning valves on & off, commuting to & from fields, and leak detection cost you How much energy is spent on manual irrigation How much water could be saved with precision irrigation How much crop yield can increase with more precise irrigation Must have over 100 planted acres to qualify for free irrigation assessment

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Water and Weather
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Save 15% on the Arable Mark Today! Arable is an agricultural data and analytics company offering the world's first IoT-enabled irrigation management tool, weather station, and crop monitor in one: the Arable Mark. This solar-powered device synthesizes both climate and plant data to produce actionable insights on natural resource management, particularly in commercial agriculture, at any scale. Linking events in the field to consumer preference provides an opportunity to improve operations that streamline harvests, optimize yields, and minimize waste without sacrificing quality. The company’s mission is to provide the measurements, insights, and predictions that empower growers across the globe to recognize and address risk. Through access to ground-truth knowledge, Arable empowers agricultural stakeholders to more effectively manage natural resources and lower food waste throughout the supply chain. With an array of cloud-based software services, including a dashboard for in-the-moment decision support and a beta-API for integration with ERP, BI, and data science tools, the Arable platform enables longer-term strategic planning and measurable ROI. Measurements include: Rainfall to within 0.2mm/hr Dew Detection Dynamic Kc Canopy Temp to +/- 0.5C Full Radiation Budget ≤ 4% MOE Solar Radiation PAR ≤ 6% Daily Total Net Radiation ≤ 10% MOE NDVI Chlorophyll Index Temp to 0.75C Rel Humidity to +/- 3% Pressure ≤ 0.1% MOE Growing Degree Days Cellular Connectivity, US & International: GSM Integrations / Accessories via Arable Bridge: Soil Moisture Probes Wind Speed & Direction Pressure Switch/Transducer & More Hardware: MSRP $850 Annual Software Subscription: MSRP $500 Must Purchase 5 Arable Marks to qualify for the 15% discount

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Soil Health
Fertum Growth

Save 10% Today! Growth Liquid Seaweed Extract: 0-0-1 FERTUM® Growth is a 100% water-soluble liquid fertilizer based on seaweed for use on foliage and roots. It is highly concentrated providing the plants with an excellent food supplement. BENEFITS OF USING FERTUM® Growth Helps the plant during its most crucial physiological changes, such as: germination, growth, pre-flowering and flowering Promotes greater plant resistance to stress (high/low temperatures, drought, wind, salinity, etc.) Produces faster transfer of nutrients to sectors of higher requirement, quickly and efficiently repairing any nutritional deficit. Improves post-harvest of fruits and vegetables. Available Sizes: MSRP $41.04 USD/gal 275 gal tote: $36.72/gal 5 gal pail: $38.88/gal 2.5 gal jug: $41.04/gal Delivery cost not included Delivery to begin on or after January 28, 2019

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Soil Health
Field California
Fertum Booster

Don't Miss Your Chance to Save 10%! Booster Liquid Seaweed Extract: 0-0-2 FERTUM® Booster is a natural fertilizer for growth of roots, shoots, and fruits. Extracted from seaweed, liquid, highly concentrated and 100% water soluble, applicable to soil and/or foliage. It contains a wide range of chelating agents, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, carbohydrates, in addition to all major and minor elements that crops need. Benefits of using FERTUM® Booster Contributes to vegetative and fruit growth, allowing plants to develop at their full genetic potential. Stimulates metabolism and increasing plant vitality, yields and resistance to stress during the growing cycle. Promotes better quality and condition of fruit. Delivery cost not included Delivery to begin on or after January 28, 2019

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FERTUM® Biofert Plus

Save 10%! Biofert Plus Liquid Seaweed Extract: 2-3-2 FERTUM® Biofert Plus is a 100% water soluble fertilizer natural liquid soil amendment and root activato. Biofert Plus is based on amino acids, vegetable organic matter and seaweed extracts. Formulated for all types of soils, especially alkaline, saline and/or poor in organic matter content. Derived from: Macrocystis pyrifera, & ulva lactuca algae. For the soil: Enhances microbial activity in the soil. Contributes to better soil structure, improves infiltration, gas exchange and water retention. Increases cation exchange capacity of soils; its chelating effect facilitates nutrients availability. For the plant: Helps increase absorption through the roots. Improves response to stress (high/low temperatures, drought, wind, salinity, etc.). Promotes development of root system. Contributes essential elements during the various stages of the plant cycle. MSRP $48.00 USD/gal 275 gal tote:$40.80/gal 5 gal pail:$43.20/gal 2.5 gal jug:$45.60/gal Minimum order 275 gallons Delivery to begin on or after January 28, 2019

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Save up to 10%! Silicium PK Liquid Seaweed Extract FERTUM® SILICIUM PK is a liquid fertilizer based on Silicon, in SiO2 form, enriched with phosphorus, potassium and natural seaweed extracts. Its active component is hydrolyzed in the roots forming monosilicic acid when applied via irrigation or to the foliage. The silicon is quickly transported throughout the plant through the xylem maximizing the physical and chemical properties and the development of the plant's cells and structure. FERTUM® SILICIUM PK allows the quick absorption of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents. BENEFITS OF USING FERTUM® SILICIUM PK • Develops a thicker and more protective cuticle • Improves strength of vegetative structure and of fruits • Protects plants from an excessive loss of water due to transpiration • Improves stem condition in grapes and of pedicels in cherries • Decreases cracks in cherries • Increases volume and mass of roots • Intensifies sugar content in fruit • Increases horticulture yields and improves the production of fodder • Allows a higher tolerance to stress conditions (transplant, temperatures, drought, wind. etc.) MSRP $59.85 USD/gal 275 gal tote: $53.55/gal 5 gal pail: $56.70/gal 2.5 gal jug: $59.85/gal Minimum order 275 gallons Delivery to begin on or after January 28, 2019 Delivery cost not included

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